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Brass instruments for sale

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BACH TR300 , fully restored with amazing looking brushed brass finish. This BACH TR300 from the early 90s , made in USA , has been fully dedented , relacquered and chem cleaned to play like new. 1st slide has been upgraded with a Stradivarious thumb hook.

Include new MTS case. Only $549

Bundy trombone $125.jpg


Used trombone Only $99

Great practice Horn

Ultrasonically cleaned and ready to play. 

Slide has been aligned and has smooth action.

Includes mouthpiece.

Call first to check if in stock

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New Sonic 42B Trigger Trombone

Rose brass bell, solid nickel outer slide, copy of the popular Bach 42B trombone. Superior quality excellent slide action.

Regularly: $1399 NOW ONLY: $850

New King 606 Trombone, $849

Great horn with awesome slide action and a wonderful full sound. Includes case and mouthpiece.

Regularly: $1695 NOW: $849


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New Sonic Baritone, Compensating Valves, $999

Great playing and lightweight with smooth compensating valves and very free blowing. Includes case and mouthpiece.

Regularly: $1500 NOW:$999

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