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About Music Aid

Who We Are

Music Aid is London’s ONLY Music Store dealing exclusively in Brass and woodwind musical instruments. We do all repairs, from minor adjustments to completely rebuilding , repadding, dedenting and cleaning and polishing

What We Do

We are constantly servicing the local professional and student market with quality repairs to all Brass and Woodwinds. If you are a school teacher, call or E-mail us as the schools are our largest customer and we do repairs within your budget.

We  specialize in all repairs to Brass and woodwinds. Woodwinds needing adjustments to full repads are what keep us the busiest. Neck corks on saxes and tenon corks on clarinets, are also available. We also do polishing to keys, and silver soldering to rebuild a broken key. Tenon rebuilds to clarinets, oboes and bassoons are also our specialty.

All brass repairs from minor dent removal to replacing leadpipes, freeing stuck slides and valve refitting are all done in our shop. We also do full dedenting of all brass instruments from trumpets to tubas.

Ultrasonic cleaning and acid baths are a constant at Music Aid. We have an Ultrasonic cleaning big enough to clean a tuba.

 Music Aid

311 Horton Street London, On
N6B 1L5 - Canada
Phone: (519) 433-3343

 Store Hours

Monday to Friday 10-5

Meet the Team
rob (1).jpg

Rob Munroe

Owner and repairman, Rob, is a Brass and Woodwind Specialist and has been repairing instruments for over 40 years. He plays every instrument; specializing on clarinet, sax and flute and has a musical and technical shop background. Having studied in the Musical Instrument Technology program at S.U.N.Y. Morrisville in upstate New York, graduating top in his class of 1981. His work ranges from repadding clarinets and saxes to dedenting and buffing trumpets and tubas.
Rob has retired from playing saxophone professionally but did enjoy playing in a 6 piece tribute band Vintage and the Dave Dillon Blues Band as well as Black Rock, to name a few. Currently, Rob enjoys playing trumpet and cornet in various community groups with his daughter, who also plays trumpet and cornet, and his oldest son, who plays saxophone. Rob is married and has 3 children.

Troy Neeb

Woodwind specialist, Troy, has been repairing instruments for over 35 years and has probably overhauled over 500 saxophones and 1000 flutes. He specializes in professional sax repads for the discriminating player and gets horns sent to him from all over the world.

Troy has recently overhauled, with much success, Music Aid’s first 150 year old Ophecleide for a Toronto Tuba / Trombone player.

Troy is a professional sax player having played in many settings and groups. Troy has just released a new CD called Serpent Tale. Visit: Track number 9 Big Porcupine is the background music for our website. He is married with 2 children and can be found canoeing on many rivers in Algonquin Park. 

20210221_193307 (1).jpg

Gisèle is the Music Aid Office Administrator. She looks after the accounts payable/receivable and is responsible answering Emails as well as importing our instruments from the US and over seas. She works part-time for Music Aid while being a mother to 3 children.

Gisèle Munroe

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