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Instrument Repairs

From Minor adjustments to rebuilding and refinishing – Music Aid will get your instrument going again. Acid Bath, Ultrasonic cleaning, repadding and customising. Silver soldering, key rebuilding, dedenting, tenon grafts, Music Aid does it all! That’s why Music Aid is Canada’s complete Brass & Woodwind repair, rebuilding facility.

Music Aid repairs all Brass and Woodwinds consistently with prices ranging from $39 to $125 for minor repairs.

Clarinets needing 2-4 pads, a tenon cork, minor adjustments and test play would be approximately $60 to $80.

Trumpets needing valves freed up and stuck slides freed and cleaning can range from $80 to $100 depending on the condition. A more precise price and job description is available over the phone or when we see it.

Estimates are approximate , and written estimates are subject to $20 charge if work not approved

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 Music Aid

311 Horton Street London, On
N6B 1L5 - Canada
Phone: (519) 433-3343

 Store Hours

Monday to Friday 10-5



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