Woodwind instruments for sale


New Sonic FL300 Flute, $159

Perfect for beginners and advanced players of all ages. Plays crisply and evenly throughout all the registers. Silverplated and comes with a plastic case and 1 year warranty.

Regularly: $299 NOW: $159 

New Sonic FL600 Flute, $225

Excellent for the more serious player and seasoned pros. Comes with premium pads, French Style case with cover, Diamond shaped engraving, silverplated and 1 year warranty.

Regularly: $399 NOW: $225 


New Sonic Clarinet, $159

Excellent for beginners and advanced players. Has a nice full sound which is easy to produce. Includes plastic case.

Regularly: $299 NOW $159

New Backun Clarinet, $549

On clearance at $549. New Alpha clarinet by Backun.

Only 1 left!

New LeBlanc Bliss Wood Semi-Pro Clarinet LB210, $1599

NEW special price $999

NOW $999 from the regular selling price of $1599.



New Sonic Alto, $399

Excellent student horn at the lowest price possible. Sturdy all ribbed construction. Leather pads with metal tone boosters. Beautiful gold lacquer. Includes lightweight plastic case, standard mouthpiece and 1 year warranty.

Regularly: $750 NOW: $399

Sold Out

New Sonic Soprano Sax, $399

Perfect for a beginner sax player or advanced player needing an inexpensive soprano. Includes 2 necks, case, mouthpiece and 1 year warranty. 

Regular price $800 On special $399

Sold Out

New Soprano Sax, $1299 SPECIAL $699

New Floret soprano sax with rose brass body and coloured finger pearls. Excellent intonation. Professional style. 

Regular price $1299 Now $699

New Floret Semi-Pro Alto Sax, List price $1600 NOW $699

Rose brass body looks and sounds amazing. Includes professional style backpack case. 


New Sonic Tenor Sax, Regular $1100 NOW $549

New Sonic tenor sax plays great french design includes backpack style case and one year warranty. NOW at $549.

New Super Sonic TNSX985R Tenor Sax, Regular $1500 NOW $750

Brand New Semi-pro Super Sonic Tenor Saxophone with rose brass body. Includes professional backpack style case. NOW at $750.

Sonic FL300 Flute