Brass instruments for sale


New Sonic Trumpet STR100, $159

Beginner Model , easy to blow smooth valve action, durable gold lacquer. Includes light weight plastic case, silverplated 7C mouthpiece and a 1 year warranty 

WAS $300, NOW $159

New Sonic X2000 Trumpet, $299

Designed after a popular Japanese model, Xeno. Smooth fast valves, includes professional style leather-like case with back pack straps.

Regularly: $599 SUPER SPECIAL: $299 

New Bach TR300 Trumpet, $775

The Bach TR300H2 Bb Trumpet is made in the USA using nothing but the highest quality materials. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. The TR300H2 is a well designed durable instrument perfect for the beginning student and is well suited for all types of music. Includes a case and mouthpiece.

Regularly: $1200 NOW: $775

New Sonic Big Bell Pocket Trumpet, $199

Big fat sound on a little horn. Amazing valve action and intonation. Includes lightweight hardshell zipper case. Excellent for beginners and fun for pro players.

Regularly: $399 NOW: $199 

New Super Sonic Flugelhorn, $399

Made with rose brass this horn both looks and plays great! It produces a full sound with quick valve action. This horn comes with a new case and mouthpiece.

Regularly: $799 NOW: $399 

New CR200R Cornet, $299

Rose brass bell produces a dark true cornet sound. Copy of popular Japanese cornet at a fraction of the price. Excellent valve action.

Regularly: $700 NOW: $299

Sonic 600 series Cornet, $399

This is a gorgeous cornet that is a very close copy to the YAMAHA XENO. With third and first slide triggers and with silver and gold accents, this cornet looks and plays great.



New Sonic Trombone, $199

Perfect for the young beginner, very free blowing and has quick slide action. Yellow brass bell and slide. Includes lightweight zipper case.

Regularly: $499 NOW: $199

New Sonic TB300 trombone $325

Copy of BACH TB300 Student Model with durable Nickel outer slide is smooth and quick. Brass bell produces a huge sound. Includes light weight hardshell fabric case.

Regularly: $800 NOW: $325

New Sonic 42B Trigger Trombone, $599

Rose brass bell, solid nickel outer slide, copy of the popular Bach 42B trombone. Superior quality excellent slide action.

Regularly: $1399 NOW ONLY: $599 

New King 606 Trombone, $849

Great horn with awesome slide action and a wonderful full sound. Includes case and mouthpiece.

Regularly: $1695 NOW: $849



New Sonic Euphonium, $899

Excellent for beginners as well as professionals. Quick and easy valve action and produces a big full sound. Includes a case.

Regularly: $1599 NOW: $899


New Sonic Baritone, Compensating Valves, $899

Great playing and lightweight with smooth compensating valves and very free blowing. Includes case and mouthpiece.

Regularly: $1500 NOW:$899

Sonic TB300 Trombone